Food for Thought runs from Maidstone Day Centre

Our community food bank, Food for Thought was launched in 2005 but can trace its roots back more than 30 years to a simple soup run. The pioneers were teachers, Patricia McCabe and Mary Harvey and pupils from Maidstone Girls’ Grammar School who were concerned about the welfare of homeless people in the town.

Today, the scheme operates out of Maidstone Day Centre where food donations are sorted into type and date then distributed to day centres for elderly or disabled people, hostels and school breakfast clubs.

Emergency food parcels are made up for individuals or families who would otherwise go hungry. The food, particularly fresh produce, is also used in our kitchen at Maidstone Day Centre to provide delicious and nourishing meals for our clients; it is noticeable that the health of long term rough sleepers improves considerably after a few weeks of good food.

The success of Food for thought is largely due to the fact that we are a small, independent charity with no red tape so help is virtually immediate. Each food parcel is made up to suit the needs of the individuals and could contain baby food, nappies, cat food, toilet rolls, rice pudding or gluten free bread.

For more information about Food for Thought, please call  01622 674064 or email Day Centre Manager Zofia Grzymala

Thank you so much for letting me have a dinner today, I’m working 15 hours a week and get paid £5.00 for it, I really needed to eat today. Simone