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What a year 2020 was and thank you so much to everyone who  supported Homeless Care and made our work possible. We couldn't have done it without you!
Christmas has already faded into the distance but the memories are still very fresh of all he lovely people who made sure that homeless and vulnerable people were remembered.

MPE Football Club brought us lots of food, toys and Christmas gifts

Thank you to:
Wendy Hilder and the Civil Service Society for a very welcome cheque for £1,500, 
to an anonymous runner who raised £1,150 for Homeless Care
to the Nancy Katherine Ware Charitable Trust for a grant of £625 
to Coxheath Scouts for £800

We were delighted when Lt Col Mark Hendry MBE RE from 36 Engineer Regiment, Invicta Barracks, Maidstone delivered lots of lovely food along with baby wipes that were  left over from when they came to the rescue of stranded lorry drivers on the M20.

The hygiene Bank Maidstone donated lots of toiletries which will be greatly appreciated by our homeless men and women.

We were very happy to receive donations of food and seasonal greetings from Leanne Harrison & the Cellular Pathology Department at Maidstone Hoospital

A full English for hungry people.
Jeanette from Tonbridge Road Methodist Church arrives each week with eggs, bacon, sausages, tomatoes, bread & milk & on this visit there were presents too.

Geraldine from St Francis Parish supplied us with lots of food items as well as beautifull presented Christmas hampers for our Goodsell House residents.

A huge thank you to everyone


Maidstone Homeless Care Social

I’m doing really well, I’m in France visiting mum and dad and having a great time, thanks for all your help and everything you’ve done for me. Nick


A little thank you for all your help. Suzanne


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Homelessness is a growing issue in society and more and more people are a few rent or mortgage payments away from the risk of homelessness. The rise in property prices, lack of affordable housing and difficulties for people getting onto the property ladder become polarised when life circumstances change.

Support for those who are at risk of homelessness or already homeless

Support and information for those potentially at risk of becoming homeless.


National and regional homelessness and deprivation indices

Information, news and resources relating to regional and nation statistics regarding homelessness and deprivation.


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Latest news on the work Homeless care is doing and our successes, partnerships and links that further our aims.