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    Salus Youth Participation Group visit

    Pupils from St Michael’s C of E Junior School

    We received a letter from the Salus Youth Participation Group at St Michael’s C of E Junior School in Maidstone, asking if 13 of them could visit us at Maidstone Day Centre to bring clothes and food for our clients. As the picture shows, we were delighted to welcome the boys and girls who said, "we are doing this because we want to make more awareness about homeless people living on the streets. We have also brought in pet food so that if there are any homeless people living on the street that have pets, we can give their pets healthy food to eat."

    "Our school values, Happiness, Perseverance, Friendship and Respect are really important to us."

    Our thanks to the Salus Youth Participation Group at St Michael’s C of E Junior School.


    Mental Health Specialist joins the team

    Mental Health Specialist, Jemma Wilkinson

    We are delighted to welcome Mental Health Specialist, Jemma Wilkinson to our staff team. This is a new role that that we have created to help address the mental health issues of our clients. The post has been funded by the office of the Police & Crime Commissioner, Matthew Scott and the Joan Ainslie Trust, to whom we are tremendously grateful.

    Jemma is an experienced mental health specialist and counsellor who will work with those of our men and women who are going through particularly difficult times. Many of us will experience mental health problems at some stage in our lives but to be homeless at the same time is very tough so we are very pleased to have Jemma on board.

    You Can Help

    Halfway through the year and we are still benefitting from the huge amount of food donations collected over Christmas, under the Kent Messenger’s You can Help banner. We are very grateful to all the stores, schools and churches who took part and to everyone who contributed in any way; thank you so much.


  • Upcoming Events

    Saturday 16th June

    On Saturday 16th June The Chequers Centre will host a sleep over for 140 Cub Scouts! Volunteers will be on hand to organise activities such as games and quizzes, painting and making a temporary shelter. The Cub Scouts will donate the money they raise to Homeless Care, so please give generously!


Maidstone Homeless Care Social

I’m doing really well, I’m in France visiting mum and dad and having a great time, thanks for all your help and everything you’ve done for me. Nick


A little thank you for all your help. Suzanne


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Homelessness is a growing issue in society and more and more people are a few rent or mortgage payments away from the risk of homelessness. The rise in property prices, lack of affordable housing and difficulties for people getting on the property ladder become polarised when life circumstances change.

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Support and information for those potentially at risk of becoming homeless.


National and regional homelessness and deprivation indices

Information, news and resources relating to regional and nation statistics regarding homelessness and deprivation.


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