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Because of staff shortages in the current situation, Maidstone Day Centre is temporarily closed to clients with the rough sleepers  having  been found  places in emergency accommodation. We are contuing to support them with food parcels and frequent telephone calls to the most vulnerable.

Looking ahead to happier days:

When we are back open and running a full service again, we will need a few specialist volunteers to help deliver our programme of support to homeless and vulnerable men and women.


Monday to Friday, 10.00 am - 1.00 pm (flexible)
For Further Details, contact Zofia on 01622 674064

When we are open again we will resume our regular support programme as follows.

Our doors  are open at 8am to welcome in the men and women who need a place of shelter and somewhere that they can feel safe for a few hours. If you are housed, you can probably only imagine how it would feel not to have hot water on tap for a quick shower or a luxurious soak in the bath and  a kitchen where you can cook a nice hot meal. And just think about not having a sofa or  favourite armchair to slump in while you watch your favourite programme It's easy to take it all for granted, until it isn't there any more.

Zofia and our staff team take great pride and pleasure in making the Day Centre as welcoming and comfortable as possible so for a while at least, the men and women who come through our doors, can relax before their next night on the streets. It's about grabbing what sleep you can in a shop doorway, a car park or somewhere out of the wind and rain and out of sight of people who would give you a beating 'just for a laugh.'

We are continually working with our clients and partner agencies to find accommodation for those without a roof over their heads. Not a quick fix as you can imagine but a joy when a home becomes available and  the key to the front door is handed over!


Maidstone Homeless Care Social

I’m doing really well, I’m in France visiting mum and dad and having a great time, thanks for all your help and everything you’ve done for me. Nick


A little thank you for all your help. Suzanne


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Homelessness is a growing issue in society and more and more people are a few rent or mortgage payments away from the risk of homelessness. The rise in property prices, lack of affordable housing and difficulties for people getting on the property ladder become polarised when life circumstances change.

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