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Bradley's Story

Four years ago Bradley was living in Bournemouth, working at House Clearance & removals. He lived with his girlfriend and life was what he then considered normal.

"My poison was alcohol: every night after work I would open a bottle of brandy or rum and drink until I was unconscious. The last thing I expected was to go to prison for an act of violence, but I did. I had attacked someone when I was drunk and received a sentence of 2 years. I was released after 12 months but reoffended and was recalled to prison for another 8 months."

After his release, Bradley made his way to Great Yarmouth to get away from the people and situations that he knew would encourage him to start drinking again. A month later though, when he was just getting his life in order, he received a phone call with the devasting news that his mother had died.

"That news was like a hammer blow and I desperately felt like a drink,” he remembered, "but I overcame the urge to drown my sorrows. I went to Bournemouth for my mother’s funeral and my brother was there so we were able to comfort each other."

A year or so later Bradley came across the victim of his attack and a few weeks after that he was badly beaten but his resolve did not waver. "I did not relapse or even consider drinking again," he said.” I left Bournemouth and came to Maidstone and was eventually housed by a service run by Maidstone Homeless Care"

Bradley is a role model for all those men and women who are struggling to change.

"I have been sober for four years in June and I am proud of myself for my continued abstinence. I feel better in myself, physically, mentally & emotionally."

"Life is good."

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