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Happy New Year from Maidstone Homeless Care!

Over the Christmas break we have been able to look over the donations received through our 'You Can Help' campaign🎄

The sheer generosity and scale of donations has been overwhelming, and we are incredibly grateful for every single one. The campaign was supported and documented by the Kent Messenger, who we also extend our heartfelt thanks to. I have included a round-up of the articles below, including one dedicated to outgoing trustee Angela!

We appreciate that asking for financial donations is a switch from how we normally do things, but when operating in such uncertain times, online donations help us support people in the most efficient way possible.

The donations we have received ensure we can continue to supplement our dry goods donations with fresh meat, fruit, and veg to create balanced food parcels. We are also able to continue ambitious housing projects, as well as purchase the equipment necessary to run our Life Skills programme in the new year, working to keep local people out of homelessness.

Alongside this, we are grateful for the food donations we have received, including the donation drive from MPE football club, the collections at local schools and individual students that have gone above and beyond.

Personally, it is my first year as a trustee for Homeless Care and I was astounded when I logged on to check our fundraising total on Christmas Eve - it really does remind you of the true meaning of the festive season. It is especially touching as an MGGS alumni to know I am contributing to the legacy of the original Maidstone Girls Grammar School team that created the foundations of Homeless Care.

Thank you to everyone who has supported us in some way through 2021, and we wish you all health and happiness for 2022🎆

- Grace, Trustee

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