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Captain's Blog - February 2024

Updated: Feb 22


Firstly, I have been amazed at the warmth and generosity of the people I've met in my first two months here. Thank you for making me feel so welcome.

The Day Centre is a friendly and welcoming environment, with a great team and great Guests.

No two days are the same here, but one thing is for certain, The Day Centre is the most non-judgemental environment I have ever worked in. I really enjoy being part of it. It makes me smile.

Some of our Guests need support making applications to move forward and although they want to help themselves, some find they are waiting to get to the top of a list or seem to go round and round in circles. It must be very frustrating being asked to provide information that you cannot access because its not in a drawer at home. I think it's easy to forget when we go home, kick off our shoes, put on our cozy lights and make dinner, that our Guests cannot do that.

Over the last few weeks, I have had some meaningful, thought provoking conversations, and laughed out loud and heartily with our Guests.

Whilst we make sure the Guests are warm and well-fed, we also like to provide support to empower people to put their plans into action wherever possible, offering emotional as well as practical support. Whether that be a heart to heart or making an appilcation or referral. We have been lucky to have outside agencies come in, these include; Change Grow Live and the Sexual Health Nurse, but we also have individual professionals come in and offer their services, such as a hairdresser and an osteopath. In the future, it would be good to set up some Life-Skills sessions.

To stay out of the rain on these grey and wet February days, some of our Guests have enjoyed spending time relaxing with some therapeutic colouring. It's strange how easy it is to chat when you're being creative and how relaxing it is when youre being mindful. I am hoping to have some sessions with 'air-dry clay' and another session making origami animals (watch this space!)

We gratefully receive many donations of various items. Again, people's generosity is remarkable. This month, we have received food donations, new coats and even a beautiful sofa for the lounge room to name but a few things.

If you would like to get involved or want to help in anyway, please get in contact.

Thank you and stay safe!


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