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Robin's Story

"I had lived in Hastings for 15 years since meeting my girlfriend who had been a resident there for 23 years," explained 43 year old Robin. "The bottom dropped out of my world when she was diagnosed with cancer and sadly she died in hospital in March 2018. I was a sitting tenant in the 3 bedroom house we had shared, for a long time and I informed the Housing Officer that my girlfriend had died,"

The Housing Association advised Robin to move out of the house as otherwise he would have to pay bedroom tax; they assured him that they would help him to move into a flat. But there was no help and his 15 year relationship with his girlfriend counted for nothing when it came to establishing a local connection. Robin had to vacate the home they had shared with her son. "There were no rent arrears and no damage to the property but the child was not mine so there was no connection between me and the property and I was out on the street."

Robin moved back to Maidstone where he had family who helped him out for a while. "Then I started coming to Maidstone Day Centre and Tracy advised me to speak with Porchlight, the Council and to get a referral to the Food for Thought food bank, all the type of services I should have been offered in Hastings."

"Will Meyers, the Homeless Outreach Officer at Maidstone Borough Council very quickly found me temporary accommodation in the town and I am there now, taking the opportunity to get myself sorted out. Again I ask, why couldn’t this have been done in Hastings where I had lived all those years? I am still coming to the Day Centre for my meals and to get my laundry done. I would like to say a big Thank you to Tracy and to Will for all that you have done for me."

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